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Welcome: Human Anatomy Laboratory
Description: Did you ever wonder what it looks like underneath your skin? How many layers there are or what is on top or bottom of our organs? This webquest is based on learning the superficial to deep layers of the human body as an aid to proficiency in laboratory dissection. The process of inquiry into discovering the art of dissection begins with your exploration of visual learning materials on websites that will orient your eyes to see the many anatomical layers (superficial and deep) within the human body. Picture Taken From: http://himetop.wikidot.com/anatomy-lesson-of-dr-tulp-by-rembrandt
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Science
Keywords: Visual Anatomy, Superficial Anatomy, Deep Anatomy, Human Organs, Human Anatomy Systems, 3D Anatomy, Dissection, Anatomy Laboratory, Anatomy and Physiology
Author(s): Dr. Barbara A. Harper

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