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Welcome: Dribbling
Description: This web-quest will be focusing on all the different aspect dribbling in the game of football.in this lesson will be looking at video clips of professional footballer drilling the ball through cones. Students will be participating throughout this lesson and as such will have activities to actively engage students in the lesson.Students will show up their dribbling still at intervals in the lesson. individual participation will be key, therefore each student will give to come to the board and show where on the feet can be use to dribble. Additionally,students will be as to give a brief summary of what they have learned at the end of the lesson. Images will be shown of some of the best dribbling in the world an students will have a choose to tell who is their Favorite dribbler.
Grade Level: College / Adult
Curriculum: Health / PE
Keywords: Carl.B
Author(s): Duprey Brown Id: 101128105 Dexta Nesbeth : 111129075, Selvin Facey, Dexta Nesbeth

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Grade three students

Description: Uk Academy of grade 3 students learning about dribbling
christiano ranaldo great dribbler
Description: skill dribbler

Web Link
Messi showing dribbling skills

Description: dribbling in the game of football
Mico University College girl football team
Description: A player dribbling a ball during a match against short teachers college girls.

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