A Trip Back in Time: Early and Ancient Civilizations



Welcome: A Trip Back in Time: Early and Ancient Civilizations
Description: Welcome students to a fun filled journey back into time. This five day webquest is designed to help sixth grade students gain an understanding of all aspects of Early and Ancient civilizations and how they have influenced the world today. This webquest covers American History, World History,Civics/Government,Geography, and Economics in regards to early or ancient civilizations.Are you ready for an adventure? Let's go!
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Social Studies
Keywords: Ancient Civilizations, River Valley Civilizations,Nile/Egypt,Yellow River, Tigris/Euphrates,Indus,Mayan,Aztec,Incan papyrus, hieroglyphics, dynasty, delta, cataract, citadel, sanskirt, Mohenjo Daro, Vedas, harappa, reincarnation, citizenship,ruins, artifacts
Author(s): Sarah Cypert


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