Review Exam Business Management Year 11 Semester 2



Welcome: Review Exam Business Management Year 11 Semester 2
Description: Practice Exam Business Management Year 11 Term 2.This review exam will be taken in class under supervised conditions to provide you with an opportunity to simulate an exam environment. Initially attempt the Multiple Choice Quiz in the tab of the same name. When you are satified you have grasped the concept proceed to the Short Answer Quest. We will allocate 90 minutes for this class exercise. No answers are provided for the Short Answer Questions, we will discuss these in class. If you have any difficulty with any of the material, which is from chapter 16 to 29 in your text book, feel free to approach me, I shall be in the library every lunch time in the period leading up to your exam on November 15. You can continue the exam after class either at home where you will be able to view the YouTube clips, or in the library where you will not be able to do so. The address again is http://tinyurl.com/BusinessManagementPracticeExam
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Business / Economics
Keywords: Review Exam Business Management Year 11 Semester 2
Author(s): Mr Y (teddy) Kaplan (maple)


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