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Now that you are experts on safe sex you may continue on to
the next topics. Teens sex, gays and lesbians. The information you have gained
through this portion of the unit will serve you well in dealing with teens and
person with different sexuality.

You will be doing a scrap book and proflio on the two topics mentioned above.

so go to http://www.avert.org and read on both topics

Management Tip

  • Choose partners
    who will compliment each others strengths and who will work efficiently
    together to make good use of their class time.
  • Ensure you have
    enough material and content. Tell the students that they will be able to
    take home some supplies but only toward the end of the class. This will
    help to increase classroom productivity and will also help with excuses
    for incomplete work because the supplies were not available at home.
  • Try to address
    the assignment with some level of enthusiasm.


  • Work in groups read,
    and watch videos, then write a paragraph on a topic of your choose then to
    pair up with a peer and share what they wrote.
  • Concept Map: The
    students are asked to create a map outlining the path of teens and sex and
    gays and lesbians.

Gays and lesbian what to look at

TEENS area to focus on



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