You ARE What You Eat

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There is no one way to implement this WebQuest about Nutrition. It can be used to introduce a lesson about the importance of a balenced diet or just for kids to explore the different food groups...

Target Learners: Students who are studying Health or Science focusing on the nutritional needs for a healthy living. Specifically students in elementary school, grades 2 - 6.

Standards: This WebQuest directly meets the standards from Connecticut's Science Curriculum Framework under the core theme Science and Technology in Society for grade 2 which states:

Human beings, like all other living things, have special nutritional needs for survival.

  • The essential components of a balanced nutrition can be obtained from plant and animal sources.
  • People eat differnent foods in order to satisfy nutritional needs for carbohydrates, protiens and fats.

           This WebQuest also meets Standard 6: Decision-Making Skills in the Healthy and Balanced Living Curriculum FrameWork.



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