Healthy Eating and Exercise

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This webquest is to be used for problem and project based learning.  There are no real steps to this, because the students come up with their own procedural steps.  I will be there to serve as a guide.  This task will focus on many of the following standards:

Standard 1: The student will demonstrate the ability to implement decision
making and goal setting skills to promote his/her personal health and
wellness, thereby enhancing quality of life for himself/herself and those
around him/her.

Learning Expectations:
The student will:
1.1 analyze the effectiveness of personal decision-making as it relates to
      future health and wellness outcomes;
1.2 describe individual goals and aspirations for healthy living;
1.3 determine how setting healthy living goals can promote lifetime
1.4 develop a list of questions that influence the decision-making process;
1.5 identify choices and examine alternatives and consequences of each
      choice when making decisions as it relates to healthy living;
1.6 evaluate the influence of media on the decision-making process
      related to healthy living.

Standard 5: The student will understand the relationship of nutrition to
healthy living.

Learning Expectations:
The student will:
5.1 explain the relationship of a balanced nutrition program and essential
      nutrients to appropriate weight, appearance, energy level and total
5.2 evaluate how individual food choices are influenced by multiple
5.3 describe body composition and eating disorders;
5.4 practice principles of food safety.



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