The Immigration Experience

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Teachers, this webquest may seem a bit daunting.  However, if you would like to implement this in your classroom you can always choose to have the students complete selected activities.  For example, the vocabulary graphic organizer can be completed whole class or for homework.  An additional optional activity is to view the Immigration Through Ellis Island Youtube video.  It can be viewed whole class, small groups, partners, or by individual students. 

By completing this webquest as designed students have learned about the immigration experience of coming to America.  Students have been able to view the immigrant experience as a historian would view them.  Students reviewed and evaluated primary sources of information.  Students have heard and viewed the impact of immigration upon America.
 I hope you and your students enjoy completing this webquest!

Supports Virginia state and Virginia Beach City Public School District standards:
4.1        Identify the people in each of the regions of the United States
4.2        Explore other aspects which have had an impact on each region
4.1.6     Summarize the reasons for people wanting to make a certain region their home
4.1.7     Identify the past and present contributions made by the diverse people of a region 
4.11.6   Conclude what constitutes good citizenship by studying diverse individuals who have contributed to their
            community, state, and country 
4.1.4     Identify people of different ethnic groups who settled in each region
CT.1: CRITICAL THINKING: Analyze and evaluate information and ideas to determine appropriate actions or develop a
            point of view.
EC.1: INFORMATION LITERACY: Use digital technology (networks, databases, and print materials) in an ethical manner, 
         to identify relevant sources, evaluate validity, synthesize, analyze, and interpret information.
EC.4: COMMUNICATION: Articulate ideas and information clearly and appropriately for the given context, medium, and
LA.4.WO.4.6: Write for a variety of reasons to various audiences using different formats (SOL 4.7, 4.8)
LA.4.WO.4.6.3.a: Use the steps of the writing process: select topic and identify the intended audience (SOL 4.7, 4.8)
LA.4.WO.4.6.4: Use technology to write, when appropriate (SOL 4.7)
LA.4.WO.4.6.5: Share writing with others
A.4.WO.4.8: Demonstrate effective oral communication (SOL 4.1, 4.2)
LA.4.WS.4.5: Apply knowledge of word study (phonics, spelling, word structure, and word meaning) to read and
        understand text and to communicate effectively through writing (SOL 4.3, 4.8)
LA.4.WS.4.5.1: Maintain a functional vocabulary of high-frequency words (SOL 4.8)

Webquest designed by Nora Reale

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