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This Webquest was developed as part of Assessment Task 1 for the subject EDST448 - Technology Curriculum and Teaching 2 by Rachel Saare (Australian Catholic University Strathfield).
It covers the topic of safety - with links to OH&S policy and specific hazards within technology labs.

This lesson is specifically for students studying Design and Technology in Stage 6 (Preliminary). Students will have looked at safety in Stage 4 and 5, so this underlying knowledge will be helpful for this Webquest.

This Webquest takes content from the Design and Technology Stage 6 Preliminary course. It covers Outcome P4.2 - uses resources effectively and safely in the development and production of design solutions.
Students learn about:
- Safety
     * safety in the use of materials, tools and techniques
     * legislative requirements including Occupational Health and Safety
Students learn to:
- implement safe work practices when designing and producing

The Webquest is designed to last 5 periods (based on the fact a period runs for 50 minutes - adjust accordingly). Students are required to form groups for Parts C and D. It is not stipulated how they are to do this - my plan was to allow the studnets to choose their own team member however you may choose to make the partnerships yourself.
The Webquest itself requires that you as a teacher understand and know the relevant legislation and the Occupational Health and Safety policy. Students are asked to look at this section themselves and include it in their brochure, so this can often be an obstacle as it is not spoon fed to them. This means that many students may have questions regarding this area so being knowledgeable on it is integral.
Part C requires students to write their group members on the whiteboard. You may choose to use a Wikispace or something similar to sign up to groups.

- computer for each student
- internet access for each student
- student account log ins
- student email accounts
- teacher email account
- whiteboard with whiteboard markers (or Wikispace etc.)
- websites (each have their links through the process, but you can also find them in the References tab if they are broken)
- 1 classroom teacher is suffice


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