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Introduction: This WebQuest was created for use in a 2nd grade classroom.  I wanted a way for students to enhance their understanding about Community Helpers.  The students will work together to explore the websites provided to find out the qualities of various community helpers.  They will pick their top 3 helpers to hire for their new community.

Standards: The following are the Indiana Standards that were applied in this WebQuest

Social Studies

 2.4.2- Identify Community workers and explain how jobs benefit the community.

 2.4.6-Define specialization and identify specialized jobs in the school and community.


2.4.2- Organize related ideas together to maintain a consistent focus.

2.4.3- Research Process:find ideas for writing stories and descriptions in pictures, books,and online.


The Indiana Standards for this Webquest were found at the following site: http://dc.doe.in.gov/Standards/AcademicStandards/StandardSearch.aspx

The websites I used to assist with the students' research is listed on the Process page.  All the graphics were found at http://google.com/images .

Thanks to www.zunal.com for making the development of my first webquest an enjoyable experience.





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