Internet Termonology

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This is a research for
students who are just beginning to learn the terminology associated with
the internet. Usually this is used for freshman at the beginning of a
Computer Literacy or Technology I course.

All students need to have basic knowledge of how to research on
the internet.

students need to have basic knowledge of how to create, save, and submit
a Word document.


appropriate search engines and appropriate usage.

Review Word document usage.

Review proper MLA citation.

PA Standards:

1.1.11.C.          Analyze
textual context to
determine or clarify the meaning of unfamiliar or ambiguous words and to
conclusions about nuances or connotations of words.

1.2.11.B.           Distinguish
among facts and
opinions, evidence, and inference across a variety of texts by using
and accurate information, coherent arguments and points of view.

1.9.11.A.           Use
media and technology resources
for research, information analysis, problem solving, and decision making
content learning.

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