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This WebQuest basically focuses on the works of M. C. Escher and in particular his tessellations. Most middle school students will be fascinated with the look of tessellations, but probably thought that they couldn’t make one themselves.   
• Students will learn what a tessellation is and will be able to recognize them in their daily life.
• Students will learn about the artist, M. C. Escher and view some of his work.
• Students will learn that other people have also make tessellation artwork and realize that  they can make one too.
• Students will learn techniques to make tessellation shapes and join them together to make an artwork of their own.
• Students will have "fun" looking at tessellations and feel accomplished that they can make one too.

Prerequisite Skills: Comfort level with the Internet

Time Required:

1 period (40 min) to read about M. C. Escher and look at his work and the work of other tessellation artitists. 
1-2 (40 min ea.) periods to try different methods of making a tessellation and then actually making a few templates of their basic shape.  They will copy them onto larger paper and fit the shapes together without any gaps.
1 (40 min)  to draw in the objects into the pieces and color the finished artwork.

Technology Needs/Materials Needed
It is necessary for each student to have a computer, but if computers are limited, they could work together.  Each student would have to do his own artwork.  Javascript is necessary for one of the websites.

The web links included on this website are external websites .  Thanks to those who created them.


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