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Grade: 4
Description: S4CS4 Students will use ideas of system, model, change, and scale in exploring scientific and technological matters.

a. Observe and describe how parts influence one another in things with many parts.

b.  Use geometric figures, number sequences, graphs, diagrams, sketches, number lines, maps, and stories to represent corresponding features of objects, events, and processes in the real world. Identify ways in which the representations do not match their original counterparts.

Grade: 4
Description: S4E1 Students will compare and contrast the physical attributes of stars, star patterns, and planets.

a. Recognize the physical attributes of stars in the night sky such as number, size, color and patterns

b. Compare the similarities and differences of planets to the stars in appearance, position, and number in the night sky.

c. Explain why the pattern of stars in a constellation stays the same, but a planet can be seen in different locations at different times. d. Identify how technology is used to observe distant objects in the sky.  

d. Identify how technology is ued to observe distant objects in the sky. 


ELA4LSV1 The student participates in student-to-teacher, student-to-student, and group verbal interactions.


c. Responds to questions with appropriate information.

f. Displays appropriate turn-taking behaviors.

g. Actively solicits another person’s comments or opinions.

h. Offers own opinion forcefully without domineering

i. Responds appropriately to comments and questions

j. Volunteers contributions and responds when directly solicited by teacher or discussion leader

k. Gives reasons in support of opinions expressed

l. Clarifies, illustrates, or expands on a response when asked to do so; asks classmates for similar


 ELA4LSV2 The student listens and views various forms of text and media in order to gather and share information, persuade others and understand ideas

a. Shapes information to achieve a particular purpose and to appeal to the interests and background knowledge of audience members

b. Uses notes, multimedia, or other memory aids to structure the presentation

c. Engages the audience with appropriate verbal cues and eye contact

d. Projects a sense of individuality and personality in selecting and organizing content and in delivery


ELA4W3 The student uses research and technology to supports writing




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