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Teachers, this Webquest, is about how to create a video using
pictures and music. It will take a week to complete this assignment, if you are on a traditional schedule. If your school is on a block schedule, it might take three class periods. I recommend taking a week to accommodate for learning
disabilities or differentiation settings. 

Specific Instructions: Have
students use iPods to save music on computers. It saves time importing the
music to videos.



Curriculum: Technology Grade level: 9-12

1. HS.TT.1.1
Use appropriate technology tools and other resources to access information (multi-database search engines, online
primary resources, virtual interviews with content experts).
2. HS.TT.1.2
Use appropriate technology tools and other resources to organize information (e.g. online note-taking tools,
collaborative wikis).
3. HS.TT.1
Use technology and other resources for assigned tasks.
4. HS.TT.1.3
Use appropriate technology tools and other resources to design products to share information with others (e.g.
multimedia presentations, Web 2.0 tools, graphics, podcasts, and audio files).


I would like to thank Google for all the excellent pictures and Mr. Dukes for examples of video expectation for students evaluation on rubrics.


Videos can help enhance the students learning process. No matter the subject you can have your students create a video to help them learn any subject, as a project.

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