Exploring the Four Seasons through the Senses!

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This Webquest is targeted for children between the ages of four and six to use with the help of a teacher or parent.  It is designed to use multi sensory tools to teach children about nature and the world around them.  The goal is to teach them to make connections between things we experience with our senses and the different seasons, while also broadening the child's schemas.  Another focus of this project is to help students learn how to express themselves using descriptive words and complete sentences, as well as through drawing to portray what they have learned.  


 When setting up this project, there will be four different stations for each season.  Each station will have two different activities that focus on using a specific sense to learn about that season.


The Spring Station will be set up with different kinds of flowers (can be real or fake) that have different colors, shapes, leaves, stems, etc.  There also needs to be a CD or tape player with sounds of different animals on them.  The animals ideally will be birds, sheep, farm animals, or other animals that reproduce and are iconic of spring.


The Summer Station needs to have a tub of sand and a tub of water for children to put their bare feet in, to simulate the ocean.  There also needs to be a CD or tape player with sounds of people at the beach so that the child can listen to it and identify different things they hear.


 The Fall Station needs to be set up with either pictures or real samples of different kinds of colorful leaves.  It also needs to have pieces of apples and pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, or some other food item that is pumpkin flavored.  The child should be blindfolded when trying these foods so that they have to use their sense of taste to identify them.


 The Winter Station needs to have some ice provided for the child to hold in their hands.  Also, there should be samples of peppermint, a christmas tree, and a cinnamon stick, or candles or some other item that features those fragrances.  A blindfold should also be provided here so that the child is forced to use their sense of smell to identify them.

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