Ethics--Doing the Right Thing.

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This Webquest can be altered to suit your classroom needs. The Task questions and Resources I chose can be added to or changed to suit your individual needs. I stated in the rubric that the report was to be in unbound report form according to the classroom text. Any Keyboarding text book will have Unbound Report form or you can use the following link: http://www.capbl.org/resources/CMH/PBL_FormatGuide.pdf


When I set the Webquest up I had planned on no more than two in a group, but I believe that doing this as an individual assignment would be as beneficial.

My intenetion was to help the students have a better understanding of what Ethics are and how they are a crucial part of our individual lives as well as our life at school and work.

This lesson is open ended, because not everyone has the same ethics and I'm sure will work better with some classes than others.


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