The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race

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This webquest has been planned to supplement the novel 'The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race' by Morris Lurie. The aim of this unit is for students in grade 4 to develop their ICT skills by navigating both through the webquest and internet sources. The webquest should be completed over 6 - 8 30min lessons.


ACARA - Australian Curriculum

ACELA1489 Understand differences between the language of opinion and feeling and the language of
factual reporting or recording.
ACELA1793 Identify features of online texts that enhance readability including text, navigation,
links, graphics and layout.
ACELA1496 Explore the effect of choices when framing an image, placement of elements in the image
and salience on composition of still and moving images in a range of types of texts.
ACELY1695 Use a range of software including word processing programs to construct, edit and
publish written text, and select, edit and place visual, print and audio elements.

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