Charting the Course: 4th Grade Social Studies

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The purpose of this webquest is to engage students in an activity which integrates technology into the Social Studies curriculum.  This webquest has incorporated the strands of: Civics and governance, Geography and environmental literacy, and; economics and financial literacy.

The activities in this webquest helps and shows teachers and students alike that they can learn using technology from carefully evaluated sites.

Students will use this webquest to complement what you are teaching in the classroom.

Should take 5 days to complete.


North Carolina Social Studies Essential Standards for the 4th Grade.

Standards addressed in this webquest are:
1. Essential Standard 4.C & G.2: Analyze the North Carolina Constitution.
Clarifying Objective 4.C & G.2.2: Give examples of citizens according to the North Carolina Constitution.

2. Essential Standard 4.G.1: Understand how human, environmental and technological factors affect the growth and development of North Carolina.
Clarifying Objective 4.G.1.1: Summarize changes that have occurred in North Carolina since statehood (population growth, transportation, communication and land use).

3. Essential Standard 4.E.2: Understand the economic factors when making personal choices.
Clarifying Objective 4.E.2.1: Explain how personal financial decisions such as spending, saving and paying taxes can positively or negatively affect everyday life.


North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (www.dpi.state.nc.us/docs/acre/standards/new-standards/social-studies/3-5.pdf)

Michelle Paul (Social Studies webquest used as a source of reference).

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