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Fellow teachers, we know what our lives would be without  computer networks.  People can only communicate with each other using the phone when they are
away from one another.  Sharing a printer between many computers would be
difficult as printer cable must be attached to the computer which
requires printing.  Removable secondary media such as memory keys must be used to share files or to transfer files from one PC to
another PC. Due to these difficulties, we  need to have computer networking.  Sharing of resources and enhancing communication are two main advantages
of using computer networks.  Our students use computer networks daily.  However, many of them probably have never given thought to what computer networks entail, but they need to know.

This WebQuest introduces students to the basics of computer networks, and may perhaps build in them the desire to work in the field of computer networking one day.  The videos and other resources  provided will not only help them to understand the topic, but it will also allow them to have fun during the lesson!


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