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The lesson plans can be modified to add more or make less activities.  Most likely, it will take students more than one 90 minute class period to complete the projects so make sure to set aside enough time for students to work.  My suggestion is that the activities be completed in class so that students can have the freedom to discuss their work and any questions with the teacher as they go along.  Working with friends may encourage them to come up with healthier meal plans that they can make together instead of alone.

It may be beneficial to the class if the teacher completes a food chart and healthier eating journal entry first.  This way, students have an idea of what they are doing and you as a teacher will be more prepared to explain how the Food Tracker on SuperTracker works.  Another suggestion is that teachers navigate the My Plate site with their class before working on the activities.  It contains many games and fun activities that will get the students thinking and preparing for the lesson.

Review the answers as a class.  Only those that have answers right off of the site, though.  This gives students the chance to record the correct answers for later reference.  DO NOT have students read any of the questions with their personal opinions unless they volunteer.  Forcing students to share aloud to their class a personal answer will cause them to shut you out.  They'll be more upset over this unit than excited.

Debate Question:  Use a debate question in your class to get your students thinking about the pros of eating healthy.  The question is: Congress is considering raising the tax on healthy, organic foods.  Do you think this is right or wrong?  Have them split into two groups, one for the tax and one against the tax.  You as the teacher are the impartial judge.  Students should go back and forth and debate aloud whether Congress should increase the tax.  When they are finished, you decide who had the strongest argument and they "win".  Individually, students can write a journal entry explaining their position and weighing the pros and cons of congress raising the tax.  Another good debate question could be: Should schools use candy as a reward?  The same format can be used to complete the activity.

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