Supply meets Demand at Equilibrium with a Price: Uncovering Supply and Demand

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The law of supply and demand is one of the most important economic concepts that create challenges for teachers in today’s diversified classrooms. I hope students learn about the law of supply and demand by utilizing the interactive and brain based group activity presented in this WebQuest.

Students should utilize all of the links on the process page to better understand the concepts, which are required for the group activity. In addition, prior to beginning the group activity, the teacher should do an informal assessment of students’ knowledge by utilizing some of the questions and self-quiz materials that I have included throughout this WebQuest.

Students should work in groups of 4. I leave it up to you, the teacher, to decide on how to form the groups. Students will first read and watch all the materials on the process page. Please do an assessment of their knowledge prior to allowing them to work on designing their product. The assessment will allow you to better understand the group member's level of effort to the group project. There is a template available on the process page that will help the students to design their product. You can collaborate with other teachers and use other students as consumers. Give students a fixed amount of play money to spend. I've kept most of the instructions on this WebQuest to minimum in order to retain adolescent students' interest. Please provide guidance and structure as needed.

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