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This WebQuest can be modified to use in any grade level. I used this WebQuest in my computer classes for grades 2-6. This WebQuest is designed for students who are familiar working in Microsoft Excel. It focuses on getting more experience entering in formulas, adjusting column widths, changing font and font size, and entering in numbers.  This WebQuest is also designed to provide great practice in working with numbers and budgets.

State Standards:

Michigan Education Technology Standards (METS)
K-2: 1. b.1 Students use various age-appropriate technologies for gathering information, 1.b.2. Students recognize the functions of basic file menu commands, 5.a.1. Students know how to recognize the Web browser and associate it with accessing resources on the internet; 3-5: 1.b.7 Students identify search strategies for locating needed information on the internet, 3.a.1 Students know how to use menu options in applications to print, format, add multimedia features,  3.a.3 Students use a variety of technology tools and applications to promote their creativity, 4.a.1 Students use basic telecommunication tools (e.g., WebQuests) for collaborative projects, 4.b.1 Students use a variety of media and formats to create and edit products to communicate information and ideas to various audiences, 5.a.1 Students use Web search engines built-in search functions of other resources to locate information, 5c.2 Students compare and contrast the functions and capabilities of the word processor, database, and spreadsheet for gathering data, processing data, performing calculations, and reporting results.


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