Gospel and Spiritual



1. Read the text about gospel music (Resource No.7) to get some important background information for your work. Write down 15 key words on a sheet of paper.

2. Listen to the video "Amazing Grace History" (Resource No.1), take notes and write a summary of 80 - 100 words.

3. Listen carefully! Resource No. 4 and 5 give you two songs on www.lyricstraining.com. While you listen, you have to fill in gaps in the lyrics. The music will stop if you are too slow, and continue once you have written the right word.
About the songs: Aretha Franklin is an important soul singer; soul music has very deep roots in spiritual and gospel music; almost all of the well-known soul and RŽnŽB musicians started their career singing gospel music in church when they were children. 
Beyoncé Knowles is a younger RŽnŽB star who was strongly influenced by gospel music in her childhood. Fill in the blanks in her song "Love on top".

    4. Watch the video "History of Black African Slavery" (Resource No.3): The video gives you written information about the way slaves came to America. Write down notes on the following topics:

    • the selection of the slaves in Africa (the video has a focus on Ghana)
    • the transport in Africa and across the sea to America
    • the way they were sold to their new masters
    • and their living conditions as slaves in America.

    5) Create a timeline on slavery from 1619 until 1964 on www.timetoast.com. (You have to register using your webbased e-mail account.) Create at least eight "events". You can find information on slavery on the resource www.nebleednews.com (Resource No.6). Each date on your timeline must include photos, additional information and/or a weblink. Find out why 1964 should be the last entry on your timeline (look for the "Civil Rights Act" of that Year). You have to present your timeline to the other students.

    6) Watch the video "Steal away", sung by Mahalia Jackson and Nat King Cole (Resource No.2). Write down simultaneously the lyrics of the song. Compare your version with other students and try to find out the correct version. If you think you have got it right, then hand it in to your teacher. Write down the names of all students who have participated in finding the correct lyrics.

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