How to make a good powerpoint presentation



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Hi !!! learners, Welcome to online class. Let's see what are these steps to make you good at this lesson.

There are 5 steps to make you success with your impressive presentation.

  • Learn more about powerpoint presentation tools.
  • Find out some effects to help you do your presentation
  • Find out some templates that suit with your presentation.
  • Do your own presentation about your personal profile 4-5 slides.
         - First slide, Introduce youself, add photo of you.
         - Next slide, Put your information profile details.
         - Last slide, Put author details. Add source pictures.

         See the evaluation.
  • Upload online by following website on the pocess page and post link on the review.

After you finished your project please go back here and use the link below to help you upload file. Then attach link on the review page.

       HAVE FUN

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