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Your task is to work with your group to become the "Expert Nutritionist" on your specified food group and later we will use our expertise to make a NEW food for each food group with all the information we learned about healthy eating and nutrition . There are 5 major food groups and you and your partners will use the given internet sites to learn all about what your food group has to offer our growing bodies and minds!

The 5 major food gropus are:

  1. Grain Group- These foods give us carbohydrates (car-bo-hi-drate). Carbohydrates give us the energy we need to play, learn, sleep and keep our bodies running 24-7!

  2. Vegetable Group- Foods in this group give us vitamin A that helps us see in the dark and also helps to keep our skin healthy.

  3. Fruit Group- These foods provide vitamin C. Vitamin C helps our body heal cuts and bruises and fight infections!


  4. Milk Group- These foods provide calcium that helps build strong bones and teeth. They also provide other important nutrients, including protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and B vitamins.

  5. Meat Group- These foods help build strong muscles. Foods in this group provide protein and iron.

Now, lets get started! Below are some fun and interactive websites designed to help you explore the world of nurtition. Use these to become our classroom's Expert Nutritionist for your assigned food group.

**Remember, for now, only concentrate on your food group, our class is counting on you to share all your expertise with us and make recommendations for creating a NEW food that you will create!

Nutrition Explorations:


BAM- Body And Mind:


Recipes: Keeping Kids Healthy:


Kids World-Nutrition:



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