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Your assignment is to find out about the Terminology related to the Internet. In this web quest you are to use the internet to answer the 15 questions listed below and submit them for grading using Microsoft Word. You must include not only the answer but also the website that you got the answer from by using MLA citation. To help you begin your quest check out the following website: http://www.computerhistory.org/internet_history/

1. In what year does the Internet Time-line begin?

2. What does the term URL stand for?

3. What are the "Ten Commandments of Computer Use"?

4. What does TCP/IP stand for?

5. Who invented the Ethernet in 1973?

6. What does the term "surf" mean?

7. What does the term bookmark mean and how could you use it?

8. What is "phishing"?

9. Why would one want to "encrypt" an item such as an email message?

10. Explain what blogging is and give three reasons for its popularity.

11. What do IRC and IM stand for?

12. What is MMOG and why would you as a student be interested in it.

13. Avatars have become very popular within the last 3 years. What is an avatar and how would you propose to use this in this class?

14. Who is George Boole and please give me an example of how you could use this in a history class.

15. What are ASCII files?

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