I am Drug Free



Your task for this WebQuest has three parts:

1.  Your group will prepare a 200-300 word report on your assigned topic (Group 1 - alcohol, Group 2 - tobacco, Group 3 - inhalants, and Group 4 - marijuana).  Your report should include basic information about your assigned drug, the dangers of your assigned drug ( how do they affect the body and mind?), and ways to avoid becoming a victim of that drug (what to do instead, avoiding peer pressure, choosing good friends who avoid drugs also, etc.).  Follow the writing process to create your essay.

2.  Work with your group to assign group roles (Presenter, Task keeper, Secretary, Researcher).  Your group will also create a Powerpoint presentation that illustrates your topic.  Since your report and Powerpoint will be presented to a second grade classroom, keep your audience in mind.

3.  The Presenter in each group has the main responsibility to present to a second grade classroom.  Other group members are responsible to support the Presenter during the oral presentation and present information left out, and to help with both the Powerpoint and oral presentation.  Remember your target audience is second grade so your presentation should be energetic with a lot of visuals.

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