Bullying Webquest


 Your Task:

             You have been called on, as a concerned student-citizen, to educate other students about what bullying is, why it happens, and how to stop it.  Education on this topic is one way to get the bullying incidents to decrease. 


In order to educate other students about bullying, you must first educate yourself thoroughly on one aspect of bullying.  Once you have researched the topic, you will need to create a presentation on the topic.  Your presentation can be in the form of a informative poster or a Power Point presentation.  You must also create a brochure to distribute to other students about your bullying topic.   You will be expected to present your information to other students in your class, and, if you are interested, to other students in the middle school.


Your main audience for this presentation is middle school aged students (grades six through eight).

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