Starting Up Your Own Business


In groups of two or three, create a business name and figure out:
Why did you choose this business?
What do I need to start this business?
 What role does the government play in this business?
How will I run this business?
What will you provide for the customer?
Who is my target customer?
How will I communicate with my customer?
What product and/or service will I provide?
Where will by business by locate?
What hours will I operate?
Who is my competition?

You will develop your company’s business plan and determine whether this endeavor will be one you wish to pursue. Your business plan will provide an assessment of financial calculations and show whether it will be a profitable business.

In the end you will have to present your business to the class, describing your business, and answering the above questions. And turn in an outline for your business answering the above questions.


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