The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race



Today you are going to be a Zoologist.

Your job will be to find the hiding hippopotamus. They are extremely powerful and aggressive animals, which are great climbers and swimmers. They will attach humans, so make sure you stay very quiet (Shhhhh.....) and keep your eyes WIDE open.

Your Task will be to research one species of hippopotamus, either the 'Common Hippopotamus' or the 'Pygmy Hippopotamus'. Both are mammals that live in Africa, but they like different water conditions. You will need to watch them very carefully to find out its:

1) Habitat - Where does it like to live? (Country, terrain, water body, temperature)

2) Diet - What types of food does it eat?

3) Physical Traits - Size, lifespan, appearance (colour, skin texture, teeth, tail)

4) Other Interesting Facts  (i.,e How many hippopotamuses are left in the world, how long they can stay underwater, how fast they can move underwater)

5) Definitions / Terms - Define (Mammal, Species, Habitat)  What is a male, female and a baby hippopotamus called?

6) Pictures

Once you find out all this information, you will create a colourful information poster. Don't worry, if you get stuck I will help you out!


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