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Reviewed On: March 31, 2009
Review: Thank you for creating this Webquest. My students were motivated to complete the quest. I hope that you will continue to provide these motivating and challenging activities when you become a teacher.

Reviewed On: March 31, 2009
Review: I enjoyed the webquest. I learned my name originated in Greek, meaning resurrection. I was born on July 1st, sharing my birthday with the great Princess Diana.

Reviewed On: April 10, 2009
Review: The students of my school are doing this Webquest as a Senior Project. We will present the Power Points at Senior Lock In. I am learning many aspects about my name and family history. My mother talked to her family about doing the project and sharing it our family reunion. I am looking forward to viewing the presentations. We are going to print the Power Points and bound them in a book. Thank you for this great idea!

Reviewed On: April 25, 2009
Review: Wow, I like your project. Each student at the school that I attending, must have a project for the Exhibition Fair. My teacher had a llist of projects that we could select. Most of the students selected yours. I noticed that you are a student at University of Memphis. I am considering attending University of Memphis too.

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