The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

A Case of Identity Quiz

Take this quiz after you have read the short mystery included in the web quest.

Question #1

What did Holmes deduce from Miss Sutherland's behavior before she rang the bell at his house?

Question #2

How does Miss Sutherland earn her income?

Question #3

Where did Miss Sutherland meet Mr.Hosner Angel?

Question #4

How did they communicate after the ball?

Question #5

What is Miss Sutherland's description of Mr. Angel?

Question #6

Where did the 100 pounds of interest Miss Sutherland earned go every quarter?

Question #7

How did Miss Sutherland's mother feel about Mr. Angel?

Question #8

How did Mr. Angel disappear?

Question #9

How did Holmes know Miss Sutherland was near-sighted and wore glasses? Correct Answer: c | Your Answer: d | Item Value: 5 | Your Point: a) b) c) d)

Question #10

How did Holmes know she was in a hurry?

Question #11

What was significant about how Mr. Angel signed his letters?

Question #12

What was her stepfather afraid of losing when she married?

Question #13

What clues did Holmes follow to decide Mr. Angel was indeed Mr. Windibank?

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