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Begin this webquest by clicking on the Introduction tab on the left hand side of the web-page. Read the information and become familiar with what this webquest will entail.

Next, click on the Introduction tab on the left hand side of the web-page. Once there, read the objectives. Afterward you are to click on the Task tab and read your assignment. Then, click on the Process tab and complete tasks 1-7. Under each specific task you will find directions listing what you are to complete using the provided link. Work in order starting with the first task and ending with task seven. If you finish early or are up for an additional challenge, try the task in the conclusion tab which is a Who Wants to be a Millionaire game that elaborates on what you learned from this webquest.

Some steps will require you to complete the task on  a separate piece of paper. You will be turning this work in to your teacher once you complete your webquest. Make sure you complete the tasks in order and  your work is neat and organized.

The majority of your grade will come from the final evaluation. If you click on the Evaluation tab on the left hand side of the web-page you will find this task. You will solving the initial problem of how much time you will spend driving during your roadtrip through California. Complete this task on a separate sheet of paper. You will be assessed based on the work you hand in. A rubric is provided on the Evaluation page to help inform you of the expectations for this assignment.

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