Me and My Emotions



1.) First you will be assigned into groups of two (2).


2.) One of you will be a Seeker and the other will be a Recorder.


3.) The Seeker will be the person in the group who finds the information on the sites provided.


4.) The Recorder will be the person in the group who records certain information down for both group members. This will not be for ALL of the project just for parts.


5.) After deciding who will do what job you will download and print off two (2) copies of your "Emotions" booklet.


6.) Both group members will need your own booklets to have them to study by later.


7.) After printing off your "Emotions" booklet you will need to color and go over the facial expressions that the characters have in the pictures. Think about when you may have felt these emotions or others around you may have (judging on their facial expression). Keep this in mind because later you may be asked to recall some thoughts and feelings.


8.) Next you will watch the video "Yesterday I Had the Blues". This video is narrated by a young boy who describes his family and his feelings through colors and activities.


9.) Now, after watching your video you will need to answer the following quesions on the page provide. Print off only one copy and work together. (This means the Recorder will write the answers, however both group members should have input into the answers.) The paper is located at the bottom of the page as an attachment.


10.) The Seeker now must download and print off two copies of the "Emotions Journal" for both group members.


11.) In the "Emotions Journal" you will be recalling earlier thoughts of emotions you have had. You will answer how they made you feel and why you felt this way. You may color your journal if you would like, however you must come to the teacher when completed so that they may staple them together for you.


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