You ARE What You Eat


Now that you have been placed in your "food group" and you have had time to explore the websites about Nutrition...it's time to become experts and do your part in creating a NEW, never seen before, or eaten food!


  1. With your group make notes about key facts of your food group that you think are important for the rest of us to know (ex: common foods in this group, how these food benift us, the suggested servings, ect...) You also should explore the power point attached at the bottom of the page for additional ideas and information.
*You may want to revisit the websites again:

Nutrition Explorations:


BAM- Body And Mind:


Recipes: Keeping Kids Healthy:


Kids World-Nutrition:


2. Next, as a group brainstorm to create your own food that will belong in your assigned food group and think about its nutritional and physical features as it relates to your food group.

3. Now, below is a worksheet. Open this document and fill in the questions asked about the New food your group has created! Be as creative as you want! Just be sure you use the knowledge and resources to keep true to those food groups! Remember, You are expert nutritionists!!


4. Finally, we have to know with this food looks like! Draw a picture on poster board in your group and color it in before presenting this new found food to our class.



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    Description: My New Food Worksheet

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    Description: Fast Food Frenzy Power Point

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