Healthy Eating and Exercise



Here are some ways to gather the information you will need.

  • Research - ingredients, materials, nutrtional facts, exercise routines, and proper handling procedures
  • Experiment Prep - taste testing, try and fail exercises

What other information would be helpful?  Where can you find the information needed?

Here is a helpful guide:

  • 1st Day - Research, budget planning, and decide on the ingredients.  Present your idea to your instructor.
  • 2nd Day - Organize your findings, and get a plan of action together.
  • 3rd Day - Visit your local grocery store and select your products.
  • 4th Day - Figure out your nutritional value of your ingredients, and chart it.
  • 5th Day - Experiment Prep Time!  Try out your exercise routine.
  • 6th Day - Organize your findings, and create your presentation.
  • 7th Day - Present your exercise and healthy creations!

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