Touching Spirit Bear



1.Click here to access a map of Alaska. 
-Print the map of Alaska
-Find Ketchikan, circle it, and label it as the setting of the story.
2.Click here to answer the following questions:
-When did Alaska become a state?
-What was Alaska's population in 2001?  What is it presently?
-What do the natives call Alaska?
-Give 3 other interesting facts.
Totem Poles:
1.Click here to investigate totem poles. 
-Write 5 interesting facts about toems in Alaska.
Tlingit Indians of the Pacific Northwest:
1.Go to "Parters with Nature" after you click here, and tell how these Indians of the Pacific Northwest depend on the sea (4-5 sentences).
2.Go to "We Talk to the Trees" after you click here, and tell how the trees are important to these Indians.  (4-5 sentences)
3.Write another 3 interesting facts about these Indians by clicking here.
Circle Justice:
1.Explain Circle Sentencing or Circle Justice by clicking here (4-5 sentences), and explain why Alaska uses it (4-5 sentences).
Spirit Bear:
1. After clicking here and here:
-Describe the bear (use descriptive words/adjectives)
-Tell where it lives
-How did it get its name?
-Write an additional 5 facts about the Spirit Bear

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