You and your team are going to follow each step below and use internet resources to research a variety of stocks. First we will visit this site for basic information to get us started. http://library.thinkquest.org/5048/

1. Think about what is going on in the world today and in our economy. What industries are doing well? What companies / products are popular? What do all people need or use regardless of economic times? Use these questions to guide you toward stocks that will have a better chance at growing even in hard times. Use these links to research various industries you think are strong.  http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/  and biz.yahoo.com/research/indgrp/

2. Next look at several different companies that you think will do well in the current economic climate. You can visit this link and search for specific companies using their name or ticker symbol found on previous page. finance.yahoo.com/

3. Now you and your team must choose 3 stocks to invest your $10,000 in, so you will need to return to the previous site, enter the company ticker symbol and find out how much a share is for each one. Then determine as a group how many shares you want to buy of each stock, making sure to not go over $10,000. Any remaining cash will be invested in a savings account through WSFS. 

4. Lastly you will go to the following website and enter the log in information below to join Mrs. Manelski's stock project and follow the instructions to actually purchase your teams stocks.
Register as a new user, then search for contest: talent1 ,the password is stocks
Now you can join this contest. Then, as a team purchase your stocks and begin tracking your portfolio using the weekly portfolio tracker worksheet attached below.

5. Your team will analyze the results of your stock purchases and update your weekly tracker by completing the Gain from stocks part. Then you will prepare a brief 5 minute presentation to share with other investors. This will be a power point presentation that describes your teams market strategy, which stocks did well and which one(s) did not with an explanation of why you think that happened. Your presentation will also explain what your team would do differently if given the opportunity again to invest $10,000.

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