Help Wanted: We need some Community Helpers



Your teacher will put you in groups of 3 students.  You will work with your group to create your own new community.  Your group needs to brainstorm and decide as a team on a name for your new community.

Once you have thought of your community's name, you need to look at the following websites to research what community helpers you want to have working in your community. 





Your group needs to take notes about different community helpers and decide the top 3 helpers your community needs.  Please print off and write your notes on the following link.

Click below for Notes link

Once your group has decided on the best 3 helpers for your community, you will need to fill out a job application for each of the 3 helpers that need to be hired in your community.  Please print off 3 copies of this document for the application.

Click below for job application

Your group's last job will be to create your new community.  Your group can decide if you want to draw your community on a posterboard or make a 3-D project of your community.  You need to make sure that you include the bulidings needed for the helpers you have working in the community.  An example is if you picked a teacher for a community helper, then you will need to have a school building for the teacher to work in.  There are plenty of supplies in our classroom supply cabinet to help your group make your community. 



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    Description: Job Application for Community Helpers

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    Description: Notes for Community Helpers

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