American Symbols with Jack and Annie



     Since Jack and Annie are depending on you to be the American symbol expert, you better get to work on your research.

 Symbols of the U.S. governement include:
American Symbol #1:  The Flag 1 , The Flag 2
American Symbol #2:  The White House 1  , The White House 2
American Symbol #4:  The Bald Eagle 1  ,  The Bald Eagle 2
American Symbol #5:  The Liberty Bell 1 , The Liberty Bell 2

Try out this American Symbols Game to check if you are ready to create your Research Guide for Jack and Annie! 

You now have lots of good information to help Jack and Annie find the American symbols.  Next, you need to organize the information into the Research Guide that you will give them.



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    Description: This will help your with your note taking for your research!

Description: How many American symbols can you identify in this movie?

Description: Hear the song and read the lyrics!

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