Your first article will be an overview of the country.  You must do this research before embarking on the trip.  This should help give you some insight to Argentina.  It should help you understand it's past, people, and landscape.  Please include the following in your article.

On what continent is Argentina?
What countries border Argentina?
What is the capital of Argentina?
Are there any famous waterfalls?
Are there any famous mountain chains?
What are the Pampas?
What are gauchos?
What would you find if you went to Patagonia?
What is the tango?
What are some differences in the language and pronunciation in Argentina? 


You will begin your trip in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires.  You will be researching the local customs and ways of life.  The editors want you to find the flavor of the city, and to write an article that will really help visualize what a trip to the city entails.  They have given some key terms that should be mentioned and explained in the article.  Please go beyond these terms though, and really make the article come alive!

Your key terms:   Porte˝os, tango , La Boca, Carlos Gardel, Diego Maradona , la Casa Rosada, Eva Perˇn , El obelisco


Argentina had a very turbulent 20th century.  This article should help explain some of the main events over the past 100 years.  Your goal is to educate readers on Argentina's troubled history, as well as Argentina's triumphs.

Key terms: The Dirty War , The disappeared (Los desaparecidos) , Eva & Juan Perˇn , The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) , Nestor Kirchner , Cristina Kirchner

ARTICLE # 4 Iguaz˙ Falls

You will take an overnight bus from Buenos Aires, AR to Iguaz˙ Falls.  The editors would like you to find interesting things to do in Iguaz˙.  They want you to talk about the most interesting facts about the fall.  They also said they heard of an interesting legend about the fall.  See what you could find about that legend using the link below, and be sure to mention this along with key facts and information.



Your budget includes money for one weekend for exploration during your Argentina trip.  You will be able to pick one more geographic region of Argentina to visit.  You will create an exciting photo slideshow on PowerPoint to share this with your fellow writers via VoiceThread! 
This visual slideshow will beautifully illustrate the people you met, the food and drink you enjoyed, and the places you visited in the region.  Choose one of the geographic regions or cities below to explore.  

Patagonia, The Northwest (Salta, Cafayate, Tilcara ...) , Gran Chaco , Pampas , Mendoza, Cˇrdoba , Tierra del Fuego (Ushuaia)


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