Day 1

  1. Navigate to the following link and complete the short survey on Cyber-Bullying 

  2. Once all students are finished with the survey, we will have a class discussion on the positives and negatives of the internet. Also, think of some situation in which you should not put your personal information on the internet.

  3. Now, view the following short videos on some situations that involve cyber-bullying.  While viewing the videos, think of if you have experienced any of these situations as the victim or the bully.

    Cyber-Bullying: Feathers in the Wind

    Cyber-Bullying: You Can't Take it Back

    Cyber-Bullying: Broken Friendship


Day 2

  1. The Internet is a great tool. But it can also be dangerous. In your assigned groups, design a poster to be posted at the local middle school to encourage students to think before they act online. Use a sheet of notebook paper to brainstorm ideas. Incorporatesome of the points raised during your class discussion about the positive and negative aspects of the Internet and safety issues to consider when posting information online.

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