I am Drug Free



The first step you need to take is to gather information using resource books from the school library, interviews from community members, the information presented by Officer Lopez and Mrs. Pursley during the DARE sessions and the DARE website (www.dare.com), and the following websites:

Group 1 - Alcohol




Group 2 - Tobacco





Group 3 - Inhalants




Group 4 - Marijuana




Any other websites you wish to use must be approved by your teacher.

You and your group will work together to gather and discuss information, and prepare your group report.  In addition, your group must use the graphic organizer provided by your teacher to record the information your group and where you found it.  You may use the websites provided here, resources from the school library, interviews from community members, and DARE presentations by Officer Lopez and Mrs. Pursley. 

Once your group has done their research and gathered the information you need, take the time to consider the folowing questions:

1.  What information about your group's assigned drug do second graders need to know?

2.  What are the dangers (how do they affect the body and mind) of your group's assigned drug?

3.  What are the ways your group would advise second graders to avoid the dangers (what to do instead, how to avoid peer pressure, how to choose drug-free friends) of your group's assigned drug?

Again, keep in mind that your target audience is second grade in your written report, Powerpoint presentation, and oral report.


1.  Brainstorm - For this report, you will not need to brainstorm to come up with a topic because the topic is already assigned.

2.  Use a graphic organizer - This will be provided by your teacher.

3.  Generate a draft - Work together as a group to cover the three requirements.  Remember to skip lines to allow for revisions.  Your group's report will need to have five paragraphs (Introduction, Information about your assigned drug, Dangers of your assigned drug, Ways to avoid the dangers of your assigned drug, and Conclusion).

4.  Revise your draft - Work together as a group on revisions.

5.  Edit your draft - Check for misspellings and punctuation errors.

6.  Write your final copy.

Once your group has finished your report, it is time to show your creativity by creating a Powerpoint presentation for second graders.  Read the following before starting your Powerpoint presentation.

1.  Your group will work together to create a Powerpoint presentation that will represent the ideas in your written report.  Be sure to include pictures and graphics.

2.  Your group must first create a Powerpoint presentation plan and share it with your teacher before proceeding.

3.  A graphics folder with graphics you may use is on your desktop labeled "I Am Drug Free Graphics".


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