Brass, Woodwind, String, Percussion...How do I choose?


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1.  Once you are assigned to your group, each person will select a number from 1 - 4. Look for the matching number on the back of the Instrument Family posters hanging on the board.  This determines which family you will explore!

In the Resources section below you will find your Instrument Family Worksheet.  Print four copies, one for each member of your group.  Also print one each of the Instrumentalist Interview Notes, one for each instrument family.

2.  Access these links to world-class orchestras to find the information needed to complete your Instrument Family Worksheet.  Be sure to click on the picture of the ear, or the instrument itself to access the sound samples of the instruments.

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Kids: Instruments of the Orchestra  http://www.sfskids.org/templates/instorchframe.asp?pageid=3

New York Philharmonic Kids Zone: Instrument Storage Room  http://www.nyphilkids.org/lockerroom/main.phtml?

National Arts Centre of Canada Kids Music Page: Instrument Lab  http://www.artsalive.ca/en/mus/instrumentlab

Access this link to find information to help you complete your Instrumentalist Interview Notes.

New York Philharmonic Kids Page: Musician's Lounge                                    http://www.nyphilkids.org/studio/main.phtml?

3.  After each person on your team has completed his or her worksheets, pick-up two sheets of posterboard and four different colored markers from the supplies cart. 

4.  Working together with your teammates, create two posters, each featuring two instrument families.  Use the information from your Instrument Family Worksheet.  You may write the information or draw pictures.  Be creative!  Use a different color marker for each family.

5.  Each team will have 3 minutes to share its poster and any especially interesting information.  Each person on the team must participate in the sharing session.


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