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Answer the questions that are in italics.  

1.   Who was M. C. Esher.  Look at this website.   
Click on the Tessellation tab.
Read about MC Escher.
Answer the following questions:

  1.  Where and when was Escher born?   

 2.  Besides tessellations, what other subjects did Escher like to draw?
 3. How many tessellations did Escher do in his lifetime?

2.  What is a tessellation?  Look at this website.

3.  Now look at Escher’s tessellations at this website. Click on Picture Galleries and then choose "Symmetry"

4.  Practice on-line joing of tessellations pieces by enjoying the following website.

5.  Make a few tessellations online by going to this website.

6. Use the following website to practice making a tessellation starting with a triangle, square or hexagon.

7.  Go back to here.  Click on the Galleries tab and look at the many different examples done by a few tesselation artists.
        Which do you like the best and why?

8.  Now try to make a few tessellations yourself using any of the ways shown to you under the “Do it yourself” tab.  Be patient and have fun with this!
Or try this website with different directions.

Remember, this is a contest.  You must turn in at least one submission.

(It also counts towards a grade!)

If you have time, there are few animated tessellation sites on the web.  Try them.  I think you will find them very interesting.
Look at this website with Animated tessellations.

I must insist that you take time to see these!  Go back to the website that you used before: Under Galleries-click on animations  

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