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One Note Information


One Note creation and playing around on the pages:

  1. Open a new document- looks like a piece of paper
  2. Click on each of the tabs at top of screen- to see how they look
  3. Familiarize yourselves with tools in the home area
  4. You can create folders when you start having sub topics within the notebook
  5. sections can also be created when combining subjects ( ex. Math topics vs French topics)
  6. Can add in videos, pictures, web links to the folders
  7. Available on multiple devices

Class Notebook

  1. You will need to set up Class Notebook when you have a class list and email for each student
  2. Once you have your members/students then you can share the folders
  3. You can create sections in a Class Note Book as per sections of your class - for example in Art you can have seasonal art ideas, 3D ideas, 2D ideas etc
  4. Each student who has opened up the shared folders will have access to the folders and it can be locked in place or made able to edit
  5. Students can post their assignments into folders as well


  1. go to site www.blogger.com
  2. kids are able to post a blog on various subjects
  3. they can publish to public or they can publish to their folder


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