Weekend in the Wilderness



Well done! Now, that you have decided the specific jobs among your group and accepted this challenge, you will be rewarded $1,000.00! This money is to be shared among each member according to the supplies needed. The neccessary requirements for this adventure are listed below. With the money that is left over, you may purchase additional items. The worksheet you will be using is attached at the bottom of this page.



1. Here are the items required according to your specific job.

















-Fishing poles
















-Sleeping Bags




-Foldable Chairs






-Bug Spray


-First-aid Kit




-Bear Mace


-Swiss Army Knife




2. Remember to buy the correct amount of items, so that every member has what they need. You will not need multiples of every item (ex. tent).




3. To find the prices for these items and any additional items that you may want, use the resources below. You will need to browse the websites and click on various sub-topics to find the items that you are purchasing. This will require you to search further into the website.




4. Once you have located the attached worksheet, fill in the necessary blanks. On the worksheet, you will be required to list the number of items needed, the price for one item, and the total price. The 'Total Price' column will be the total amount of money for that specific item(s). This will require your knowledge of multiplying decimals by single whole-digit numbers.




5. Once you have located all of the required items for your camping adventure and their cost, add them all together for a grand total. Fill in the respective blank. Subtract your grand total from your original $1,000.00 to find the amount of money that you have left over.




6. With the money that you have left over, you may find additional items that you would like to take with you on your adventure. Remember not to spend more than you have!




7. This assignment will require you to work collaboratively among your group members. Discuss with them any large purchases you need to make and adjust your budget accordingly.




*Bass Pro Shops




*Gander Mountain


*REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.)


*Mountain House Foods


*L.L. Bean


*Dick's Sporting Goods



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