Figurative Language


With your partner, read through these directions before clicking on any links.

The first two types of figurative language you will research are similes and metaphors.
         Visit each page below. 

         Write down a definition for similes and for metaphors.




         Now, watch the movie at:


                  At the end of the movie, click on the activity. 

         Complete online with your partner.  Then, print.


The next type of figurative language you need to research is personification.

          Visit the pages below. 

          Write down a definition for personification.






           Now, with your partner, choose a picture book from the library.

           Find at least five examples of personification.  Write down each sentence that demonstrates personification.  Highlight the words and phrases that show personification.


The next type of figurative language you need to research is onomatopoeia.

          Visit the pages below.

          Write down a definition for onomatopoeia.




          Do the worksheet on the website with your partner.

          Create a comic strip with at least four cels and four different uses of onomatopoeia.


The last type of figurative language you will be learning about is hyperbole.

           Visit the page below.

           Write down a definition for hyperbole.



           Now, finish this sentence with a hyperbole: "My teacher is so..."

           Draw a picture to go with your hyperbole.

           Write the hyperbole in a different color than the rest of the sentence.


Now that you have done all the "leg work," you are ready to put together your presentation for the boss!




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