Type 2 Diabetes



This WebQuest is designed for you to explore information about Type 2 Diabetes on your own time in a relaxed environment. Click on each tab. Read the information provided under each subject, watch the included videos and explore the links made available. Doing so will help you gain the basic knowledge required to manage your diabetes. If you want, you can go back and review any tab at any time.  When you have completed the WebQuest, you will be able to pass the diabetes quiz. 

Assess understanding

You will learn about what diabetes is, its symptoms and what that means for your body. You will learn about insulin and how to check your blood sugar. You will be given information on labs and medications, and you will be educated on the affects of your lifestyle on diabetes. When you have finished, diabetes will no longer be a strange medical term or a scary disease. It will be something that you can live with if you learn how. 

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