The Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes



NOTE:  When you get to a Voki, it is time to stop and write.  Make sure you read the directions at the end of each section, and listen to the Voki.  This will help you stay on top of the tasks.  Remember to have fun while you are doing this web quest. 

Follow these steps:
  • Take the Pretest and remember to submit with your name.

  • Read the rubric in the evaluation tab so you know how you will be graded on the web quest. 

  • Read the websites listed on the "Process and Sources" tab.  They are in groups. work on the first three pieces that include the 5 parts of a mystery, and a short story about Sherlock Holmes.  The respond in your journal to "A Case of Identity Part 2"

  • Take the Identity Quiz under the "Quiz" tab.

  • Explore the websites and videos in the next three sections; "The Man and the Mystery;"  "The Man Behind it All;"  "The Moor," and "Life in Victorian England."

  • While you explore take notes on the topics.  

  • After each section, summarize what you have learned in a well developed paragraph.  Instructions for the type of paragraph are included at the end of the section.

  • After you have explored each section, taken great notes, and written all 4 paragraphs, take the post test.

  • When you take the post test, remember to submit it with your name.
To turn in:
  1. All of your notes labeled, and written neatly so they can be read.
  2. All tests and quizzes submitted.
  3. All four paragraphs summarizing what you have read, neatly written.


More about Sherlock and his Author
What to do now...
Description: Using your notes, write a well developed and organized paragraph about what you have learned about Sherlock Holmes. Answer the 5 W's; who,what,when,where, and why. You can also include any interesting things that you have learned in your exploration.
Great Ghandi

Web Link
  • A Case of Identity Quiz
    Description: You may click the link above, or you can click the "quiz" tab on the left to get to the quiz. Don't forget to submit with your name to get credit.
Crazy Cat
Sassy Steve
The Man and the Mystery
Life and Times of Victorian England
The Moor the Merrier
The Best Kept Secret
A Case of Identity Part 2
Description: In a well written, and organized paragraph (or two), explain which elements of mystery are present in "A Case of Identity." Give examples from the story to support your answers. Consult your notes for help.
Hmmm...Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Description: Now that you have finished exploring about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, write a paragraph (neat and organized)about his life. Include at least 5 facts that you read. After you finish this paragraph, move on to the next section.
Diggity Dog
Wizard Warren
Life in Victorian Britain

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